The 6 Best Free and Low-Cost Design Sites to Make Your Products Irresistible

So you’ve got a killer product coming out, and to save money, you’re designing and marketing it yourself, but you want to create irresistible, un-ignorable marketing content. You want the kind of imagery that’s clean, memorable, and simplistically expresses your brand...without killing your wallet.

(Especially since the ‘trep life is all about feast or famine.)

As such, the Geek’s got you covered with websites that offer some of the highest quality design tools on the web for free or affordable prices.

Amanda Palmer’s ‘The Art of Asking’ TED Talk: The Digital Music Debate Continues

Imagine you’re crowdfunding your big project on Kickstarter and you ask the masses to help meet your initial $200,000 goal, and instead end up raising nearly $1.2 million, donated by 25,000 strong. You’re probably thinking: That’s a lot of money.

And a whole lot of asking.

Well, that’s exactly what punk rock and cabaret music revolutionary Amanda Palmer did recently, and in her TED Talk she shares her perfectly good reason for opening her hand to fans, and why they willingly give.

Everyday Entrepreneur Feature: Emerging Designer Dwayne Allen's Diehard Movement Makes His Street Wear Unforgettable

Dwayne T. Allen modeling skate gear for Vu’ Skateboard Shop in Baltimore, MD
Imagine you're born and raised in a very crowded city that's no stranger to struggle. You're in such a weird location, your hometown is called the forgotten city. You bust your tail to outshine everyone, but still get overlooked, manipulated, or both, losing to someone you know did less than you to get what you were after. (Sound familiar?)

So how do you make an imprint in a forgotten place where nearly everyone is clamoring for attention?

Kodak's 6-Studio Deal Averts the Bleak Doom of Motion Picture Film...and Itself

In the world of business, self-preservation is top priority, which has become all-too-urgent for embattled film manufacturer Kodak. However, its recent distribution deal with the big film studios could avert the seemingly inevitable (and unfortunate) end of all film, and give film purists the world over a glimmer of hope.

The One and Only Positive Use of Unpaid/Low-Paying Internships

What's your opinion of unpaid and low-paying internships?

There's a bitter ongoing debate about whether these internships serve any purpose at all when there are companies and entrepreneurs (though rare) willing to pay for your services.

You've probably heard a slew of nightmare stories from graduates and industry newbies with piling bills who are forced to settle for them, or perhaps even have a story of your own.

Some of the more vocal detractors go so far as to say unpaid and low-paying internships are even unethical.

No matter what side of the argument you're on, here's the truth about them: they're not all unethical. Unpaid and low-paying internships do serve a purpose, but the key is in the timing.

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