Hire Me

Dying for better written content in your entertainment industry or faith-based materials? 

Are you new to the game and need content, period?

Hi, I'm Mellissa Thomas, a Florida-based freelance writer. I have what you need to quicken your copy.  

Here's what's in it for you.

People want facts, figures, and examples, but humor and a conversational tone deliver them to your readers more smoothly. Let's bring more life to your blog.

Have something to say, but can't quite get it on paper? Let me know the approach you desire, and I'll realize it in your voice to appeal to your audience.

Manuscript Editing and Proofreading
For polished content in your brochures, pamphlets, blog, or website, bring them to me.

Have more creative writing needs? You're covered. 

If you have a mystery, action, or drama idea you want to bring to the screen but can't seem to get on paper, I can make that happen for you.

You don't have to take my word for it. "Juxed", an urban drama short I co-wrote inspired by true events, won the Best Short Film Award at the Pocono Mountains Film Festival and was nominated for Best Short Film at the Peachtree International Film Festival. 

Also, courtroom drama short "Breaking Point", adapted from a screenplay I co-wrote titled "Trial and Error", has been adapted into award-winning indie feature The Breaking Point, which secured international DVD distribution in 2014 and was featured in Variety.

Want to write a book, but find the idea of authoring a bit daunting? Let's get together and discuss how you want the book to be, chapter by chapter.

Like copywriting, I'll find your voice and bring what's in your mind to the page.

In the end, your name graces the cover. Can't beat that.

Let's work together. I'm easily accessible.

Email (for quickest response): mellissa.thomas@gmail.com 
Twitter: @mellissathomas

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