The Benefits of Buffer Entrepreneurs Are Missing Out On [Slideshow]

Have you been seeing these little guys (left and below right) around on people's blogs lately and wondering what in the world they are? 

Well, let the Geek introduce you. Awesome person, this is Buffer. Buffer, meet awesome person.

What you're looking at is the new crown jewel of Twitter's over 1 million apps

Buffer (aka BufferApp) is a social sharing scheduling tool that posts the content you want to share with your audience for you at different times throughout the day based on Twitter's peak times. 

You input the times you want the posts to be sent out, and Buffer obediently posts them at those times.  

Entertainment entrepreneurs can't afford not to use this thing. In my opinion, it's actually a more imperative social media marketing tool for 'treps to jump on than even Pinterest.

Where do I find the temerity to make a statement like that?

The answer is in the slideshow.

Go on, get to know Buffer a little better.

Now that Buffer has integrated with Facebook and LinkedIn, you can schedule posts for those accounts as well to further expand your day-round and week-round web presence; and if you're mobile, it's available in the App Store and for the Android.

If you have Pinterest and Google+ accounts, don't worry - Buffer will be integrating those as well this year.

However, there is one caveat: it's only compatible on three Internet browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Your Takeaway

If your schedule is too crowded to manually log into each of your social media accounts to share content, this will redeem your very valuable time while increasing your audience engagement.

You don't have to take my word for it. Buffer Co-Founder Leo Widrich said in an interview, "With Buffer, you can spend 10 minutes in the morning and for the rest of the day, don’t have to worry about your social streams." 

Penny for Your Thoughts

 What do you think of Buffer after viewing the slideshow? Is it an app you'd want to use?

If you're using it, what's your experience with it? Has it helped increase your website or blog's traffic? Is it helpful or hype? 

Want to know more about it and have some questions for me? Let me know below.

Also, if you find this article and slideshow helpful, please share it.

Thanks as always for reading!

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