Friday Feature: Want to Start Your Own Publishing Company?

E. Claudette Freeman Shares 6 Key Steps to Start Your Own Publishing Company

The Geek is proud to present the Friday Feature. One Friday each month, I’ll feature everyday entertainment business entrepreneurs, sharing their insights and wisdom to help you on your journey to build your business.

Why focus on ‘treps who are already successful when you get more inspiration from others pursuing the same goal simultaneously, right? Enjoy!

E. Claudette Freeman
“Don’t think outside the box, create a whole new shape.” – E. Claudette Freeman

Ms. Freeman lives her quote in a brilliant way. She’s a publisher for authors seeking to self-publish their books; editor for her four independent Christian magazines with a readership of 25,000 to 35,000; an author, a playwright, and a writing/editing coach.

Oh, and she’s a mom (of a son and a dog).

How she sleeps – or made time for our interview – is beyond me.

What She Did and How You Can Get There

1)    Do your homework.  Know your goal(s) and inventory precisely what you need to get results before you do anything.

Freeman always loved print and knew she wanted to make her own magazines, so she researched how to start a publishing company and figured out all the elements she knew she would need:

·      a corporation  
·      graphic designers
·      a printing facility
·      writers/authors
·      magazine software (she uses Issuu for her digital magazines)
·      a media team
·      customer service reps

2)    Get your paperwork in order.  Freeman took three steps to cover her legal obligations:

·      incorporated umbrella company Emily C. Freeman Holdings, LLC first
·      completed a DBA (doing business as) for the publishing company
·      registered separate copyrights for each magazine title under the umbrella company to ensure they would have registered Library of Congress serial numbers  

3)    Bite the financial bullet and outsource what you can’t do.  Most new and growing entrepreneurs usually start out footing every bill.

Freeman put a team together by outsourcing all of the positions listed in #1 above by seeking freelancers on sites like oDesk, Guru, and Elance.

While she couldn’t pay at first, she began paying freelancers last year, and the pay comes directly from her own pocket.

4)    Establish a marketing plan.  Freeman put her marketing plan together last year and is working with her media team to increase visibility for her magazines, and her publishing and consulting services.

5)    Learn social media marketing.  “Leverage your social networks, including going back to Myspace,” Freeman shared. She also hammered what social media bloggers already know:

·      know what your niche is going to be
·      take the time to build your audience

6)    Constantly look for ways to improve the company.  Freeman’s four-year old company currently has an international team, but already has changes on the horizon. As she stated in an email:

“We’re looking to expand our writing/editing staffs, those interested can send a resume and writing samples to Our rates are according to article word count/depth and payment is upon publication.”  

She Started the Same Way You Did: With A Passion 

Freeman worked in radio and journalism for 24 years before she broke away to be her own boss.

The last Florida radio station she worked with, WMBM, began as an R&B station and evolved into a Gospel station; and like all of us entrepreneurs, she saw a need and endeavored to fill it.

While the radio station’s quarterly magazine (which she wrote for) covered Gospel entertainment and Soul Food recipes, she explained that “I found that there was a disconnect in getting a practical perspective on the Word and living the walk.” 

After leaving her post as station manager four years ago, her publishing company Pecan Tree Publishing was born.

It is Possible

Before you gawk, perish the thought that these things are impossible for you. If you want to, you can do it all.

Freeman wasn't a high school or college grad when she started her company, either, which demonstrates another valuable point: it’s never too late to start your own business.

Interested in the Opportunity?

If you want to know more about Freeman’s publishing company, magazines (and freelance submissions), and author coaching services, feel free to reach out.

Phone: 877-207-2442 ext. 111

Pecan Tree Publishing website:  
Freeman’s four magazines:
Magazine Submissions:
Skype: eccreative 

Thanks for reading!

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