About E.i. Geek

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about the blog and me. I appreciate your curiosity. 

What You'll Get Out of E.i. Geek 

You want to learn how to succeed in the entertainment business, but you're tired of hearing all the success stories of people who've already made it because you're not there yet, right?

You want actionable help from the relatable view of people who work and grow in the entertainment business daily.

Glad I can help with that.

This blog gives you entertainment business tips and trends that can help you get started and grow in it:
  • social media marketing
  • self-publishing
  • building relationships and networking
  • pet peeves and pitfalls
  • entertainment industry resources (websites, books, reviews, etc.)
  • entrepreneurship resources (websites, books, apps, etc.)

I also meet and interview great everyday entrepreneurs who are growing in the entertainment industry just like you, and share their expertise with you here.

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Who Am I to Talk? 

Good question. 

I'm Mellissa Thomas, author of E.i. Geek, and a freelance writer who loves the entertainment industry (hence the "E.i.") thanks to my Master of Science in Entertainment Business and Bachelor of Science in Film from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. 

Like you, I had a stable job, but was miserable, so I left it four years ago to become an entrepreneur.

So this blog is my walking the talk. 

I'm learning the business and sharing everything I learn with you so that your walk can be a little less awkward. 

E.i. Geek's mission is simple: The only way to go is up, and the climb is always better when we help each other

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Thanks for checking the blog out. Do stick around.  =)

Have Questions or Want To Connect With Me? 

I'm easy to find. 

Email (for the quickest response): mellissa.thomas@gmail.com 
Twitter: @mellissathomas

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