What Digital Media Powerhouse Bill Hudson Can Teach You About Being a Jack of All Trades

Entertainment Industry entrepreneur and Full Sail student Bill Hudson

Two-time Full Sail University graduate Bill Hudson is a walking advertisement for the school, and a darn convincing one.

The entertainment university vows to take their students’ dreams seriously and arm them with all the skills they will need to enter the industry, whether as basic freelancers, as employees of larger companies, or as full-time entrepreneurs.

Baltimore native Hudson came to Orlando in 2005 and embraced the vow wholeheartedly. He got:
  • a Computer Animation Bachelor of Science degree in 2008,
  • an Entertainment Business Master of Science degree in 2009,
and if that wasn’t enough, he is currently enrolled in the Media Design Master of Fine Arts program.

Hudson's Company: B Digital Studios

Using the skills he learned in Computer Animation and Entertainment Business, Hudson founded Orlando-based B Digital Studios (recently rebranded B Digital Entertainment - see below), a company that offers postproduction and graphic design services (i.e. logos and branding) to its clients.

Hudson has assembled what he affectionately calls a “dream team” of animators (including himself), modelers, and riggers to do visual effects work on music videos and commercials.

He also continually enters the company into contests to challenge himself and his team to keep the bar high and come up with fresh new ideas.

Original logo for B Digital Studios
The Company's latest logo design, under the new name B Digital Entertainment

B Digital Studios Projects

Hudson’s body of work has continually grown since he began doing projects back in the Computer Animation program, and speaks loudly to his work ethic.

Through his network connections with other Full Sail grads-turned-entertainment entrepreneurs, he has done music video postproduction for such Hip Hop artists as Murphy Lee, Flo-Rida (feat. T-Pain), and Pop artist J Randall.

He has also produced commercials for R&B artist Charlie Wilson’s Heart and Soul Music Explosion and done a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for Eosinophilic Disorder on behalf of the American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders (Apfed).

He also recently completed visual effects on George Clinton’s “Gongafunkadine” television series, which was shot on Full Sail’s soundstages. 

Hudson's Buzz

Hudson’s industry moves are garnering himself and his company increased attention each month.

His interview with the Geek on July 31, 2010 was his second interview of three: Full Sail Exposure interviewed him on August 2, 2010; and back in March, Full Sail interviewed him in an “Artist Closeup”, a behind-the-scenes featurette about his company and his talents (view the full featurette on his Vimeo page or Youtube channel).

Furthermore, the school featured his show reel in their Computer Animation gallery, and recognized him as Show Reel Archive’s Artist of the Week (see below).

Hudson's feature on Show Reel Archive

The Geek was honored to briefly interview the workaholic dynamo (he seldom sleeps). We discussed his various skills, his tools of the trade, and even discussed SIGGRAPH (the animation industry’s biggest convention). Hudson had the chance to attend both last year and this year.

For further detail about Hudson’s SIGGRAPH 2010 experience, check out the “SIGGRAPH 2010 Recap” video on his Youtube channel.

Curious to know how our interview went? No worries. The Geek will be uploading the interview soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the update. 

Open the Door

Hudson welcomes questions and loves to impart his knowledge to anyone who asks, so if you’re interested to know how in the world he and his company do the amazing things they do, check out his links below:

Your Turn

Are you an entertainment jack of all trades, or a specialist? If you're a specialist, what's your E.i. (entertainment industry) specialty? Tell me about it in a comment below. Don't forget to share if you like the article.

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  1. Bill Hudson is not only amazing at what he does, but he is also extremely dedicated. What's even more impressive, is how humble he is. I've seen him sit down and help other students for hours just because he believes we have a responsibility to pass down our knowledge to others who are dedicated to learning. I'm lucky to know him, and blessed to have his friendship.

    George Davis III


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